Meet the Tastemakers

The cool Canucks you’re going to be working with.
(yes, we’re Canadian and polite AF).

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Lunchbox was made for small businesses by pb+j—a world-leader in Squarespace website design and branding strategy.

Who cares? Why does this matter? Well, we took the experience and expertise forged through years of working with big brands and packaged it for you. We believe that small businesses should have access to outstanding websites, branding, and social marketing without breaking the bank. #LeaveNoBusinessBehind

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Why we do what we do


Be a team that feels like family

A family is the strongest human bond we can think of and we want to create those kinds of connections here. #JamFam

Drive change

We are always striving to be better and make a difference to someone, somewhere. Every. Single. Day.


Dare to be bold

We never want to be boring. From the way we create to the way we show up in life, we are unapologetically true to ourselves.

Make things that kick-ass

We embrace and encourage and celebrate creativity in all its forms. Making things is at the centre of what we do.


Find joy in every day

We look for the joy in every day and find the fun in the little things (and big!) things we do.

Achieve the incredible

You know that idea you have that seems impossible? We have those ideas too and we are always working towards making them a reality.


We get it; the idea of ‘values’ can sometimes seem a bit overused and meaningless. But the truth is, these ideas mean something to us and they are something you can truly expect from us.

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