Lunchbox Concierge

Lunchbox Concierge

50.00 every month

Your personal website assistant.

We see it everyday: we build you an awesome site that you have editing access and full control over but life and business get in the way. Let us help :)

Concierge Benefits

✓ Monthly Website Updates
It’s important to keep your site fresh but sometimes you don’t have the time or willpower to do it! We get that. You tell us the small update you need done and we will look after it for you.

✓ Custom Help Videos
When you have a question we provide answers. We will record a custom help video to cover anything about a certain Squarespace feature or page of your website.

✓ Exclusivity + Savings
We don’t do this sort of work for just fact, we won’t. You get exclusive access to your favourite team at a fraction of our normal rate. We are at your beck-and-call for tasks and help as you need it, when you need it.

✓ Annual Website Review
Keep your website looking awesome and kicking @$#. We do a full review of your website and offer suggestions for improvements to help it be its best! That’s a $300 value...that you get for FREE.

✓ Mouthwatering Discussions About Food
We love food. We love people who love food. We love talking about our love for food with people who love food. What are you having for lunch?

*Cancel at any time. Up to 1-hour per month.

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